How To Listen to “The Show with Rod Milam” Around The World (Wednesdays from Noon to 2:00pm CDT (GMT -5))
Hey all! Rod here…

I’m still in the “pre-season” section of getting the reboot of “The Show with Rod Milam” up and going online from the studios of “The U – at the University of Missouri-St. Louis”. That means for the next couple of Wednesday afternoons, I’ll be on the air with the program doing some sample versions of the program.

I’ll see how these new studios work and try out some segments that I may or may not use during the regular broadcast which is scheduled to “officially” start on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at Noon Central Daylight Time (USA) (GMT -5) and go for either 2 or 3 hours. I’ll have the exact number of hours that the program will last and some formatting worked out by the time we get fully up and running, but this is a great time to test things and get all of you fans on board and spreading the word.

You can help out and listen to the program before the official launch via any random web browser, iTunes, or Google Play and other devices by just putting in this link:

If you give it a try now and you should be able to hear the program stream for the station. Please let me know if you’re able to hear the station in general, and the show in particular.

You can also help greatly this way…Follow/Fan/Like/Subscribe to “The Show with Rod Milam” everywhere and spread the word! Just remember “UCITYKID88”:

Main Website:

Thanks and can’t wait to keep the tests running up to the official start!


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