Reaction to the Egyptian Coup D’État In Astoria, Queens, New York #1

Local NYC Media Comes To The Neighborhood (Too Early)


A picture of the far end of “Little Cairo” on Steinway Street at 25th Avenue in Astoria Queens.

My New York City neighborhood, Astoria, Queens, has had some of its citizens used as subjects of ethic genetic studies. The result of those resolved that the square mile within where I live is the most ethnically diverse square mile on the planet Earth. Given that fact, it’s not remotely unusual to note that there is a significant Egyptian population around the corner from me.

With the overthrow of the elected Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi taking place earlier this afternoon (EDT), I decided to go to Steinway Street between 28th Avenue and Astoria Boulevard to see if there was any outward reaction yet to the news.  This segment of Steinway is home to many Middle Eastern and North African shops, restaurants and a mosque that services not just all of the Astoria area in general, but the people who may be originally from countries in the Mideast and the Maghreb in particular.  When arrived, I saw that all of the local CBS, NBC, ABC, and New York 1 TV trucks were on site as you can see above.  I knew that they were really there too early to see what might really happen later because most of the people that spend time on that part of the block will come out at night.

The cameramen and journalists that were just walking around the sidewalks not actually doing any reporting didn’t seem to know that nothing would really happen until after sundown (since none of them even remotely looked like they were from the neighborhood) started to peel off.  NY1 actually looks like it’s going to stay to see if they can talk to some folks later on, but the other stations probably just wanted to get a quick live TV shot or some other immediate reaction for the 6:00 news.

Meanwhile, since these folks are my neighbors and I’ve lived here for years, I just went and asked some of the store and shop owners what they thought.  In general, they seem to think what happened was inevitable and was for the good overall.  They plan on getting more in depth news all at once late tonight when they all get interviewed and the latest news from Egyptian media on the ground.

I’ll see if I can go back later tonight to get some pics and info about the situation. If I can. I’ll update things here.  Pays to know some sources, eh?

You know you’ve lived in New York City a while when you pass by a poster of a super long running show that you’ve thought about seeing since many years before you even moved here more than a decade ago and still haven’t gone to see it, BUT you’ve met and had drinks with more than 2 people that have been in the cast of the show and honestly figure that’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to seeing the program in person. #TheBlueManGroupIsStillRunning?


Singers from Uptown, Amish from Pennsylvania, or Shoppers from Queens…No Matter. In NYC, You’ll Need The Subway

It’s a miraculously not-so-disastrous subway weekend here in New York. The remnants of Hurricane Andrea left everything super wet overnight, but now she’s gone and subway buskers, tourists and retail therapy patients alike are out in force at the 49th Street stop on the N/Q/R line in Times Square.


Just another day on the NYC subway: Human Avian Hybrid Edition

At the uptown/Queens bound 42nd Street – Times Square N/R/Q platform this guy took it upon himself to don a bird feather and push his bike through the station and turn the place into an underground aural bird cage.

He tried out at least 8 different calls at full volume. The performance generally got reviews of shrugs (from NYers) or astonishment (from tourists). But this kid and his sister were enthralled by the whole thing.

Looks like the weather has turned warm and the full-fledged coo coos have come home to roost.

Gotta love it.

The Makeup Counter Is Now On The Underground Level


Two women on a Manhattan bound R train from Queens to Manhattan engage in a little bit of “Makeup Counter Magic” on the subway. Given that they got off at 59th & Lexington Avenue and they’re wearing all black, to be fair, they probably work at a real makeup counter at Bloomingdale’s.

The first place I consistently saw a lot of women putting on their own full makeup on public transportation was in Tokyo in the early 2000s. I didn’t really see much of it here in New York until around 2008-9 or so.

Now it looks like it’s evolving. The woman on the right was putting full makeup on her friend/co-worker on the left for most of my ride on an R train from Queens to Midtown Manhattan.

Is this overly public? The dog in the poster seems to think so…



Lady, I Think Your Dog Has A New Friend


One of the reasons that non-seeing eye dogs are only allowed on the subways is carriers and bags is because of what almost happened about 10 seconds after this picture. The boy and the dog here noticed each other and seemed to hit it off. When the kid was about to walk out of the door at the 59th and Lex stop, the little pooch leaped out of the seat and almost got squashed in “the closing doors”.

I don’t think she’ll make that mistake again.